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Wagon Registration

Theme: Say It LOUD, Say It PROUD!

Deadline to Register: Sept 28 @ 5pm
Guidelines for participating organizations, individuals, and families
Wagon entries can be made by individuals, families, or organizations.

This year’s theme is in direct response to “Don’t Say Gay” laws and other anti-trans/homophobic/misogynistic actions trying to silence the LGBTQIA+ community nationwide. Allies WELCOME!

Participating individuals and organizations can use whatever size wagon they desire so long as the entire wagon…

1. Can fit on a standard city sidewalk with no parts extending into the street

2. Can safely turn corners of march route without tipping over or causing any delays

3. There can be (though it is not required) participating individuals sitting in the wagon; again, safety is the key, and if someone in your wagon would make it more likely to tip over, please refrain from having someone in the wagon.

4. While this is meant to be a celebratory march and not one of protest, we will not silence people or groups. Please keep in mind, however, this is a family event; make sure messages are appropriate for all ages.

There will be prizes given out for the following:
Most Creative
Best Thematic Float
Grand Prize Winner

Folks can start to arrive at the plaza at 3:30, but should arrive with their team no later than 4:00PM. Each registered wagon will be assigned a number and marchers will be responsible for getting in numerical order. Marchers and wagons should be lined up no later than 4:20. If your group does not arrive by 4:00, you may forfeit your eligibility for winning a prize.

Groups are welcome to carry banners and other signs with them either on the float or marching ahead of float.

Wagon Float Participants must fill out an entry form. (Link Below)

Wagon registrations should be received no later than 5:00 PM on Wed. Sept. 28th. Late entries will not be considered, but all groups and/or individuals wanting to march in the procession may do so. Pride March is Saturday October 1!

March participants must adhere to the attached procession route


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